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The name many people know me by in Texas is "Wild" ...the camp where I worked as a wrangler for years gave me that name. This name came from my work with 'wild' horses throughout my life and the sports I enjoyed in high school and college (trap/skeet shooting and archery) as well as my hobbies of dirt biking and working on cars with my dad and brother. I have always been a bit on the "wild" side.



This title, to me, meant stepping into my boldness... to be unashamed to do what might be crazy to some or not typical of 'good Southern Baptist girls'. Because ya'll... I love the Lord,  I love my family, and I love my hard working husband. I'm also a lot rock n' roll and will continue to explore all corners of this crazy world... on horseback ..or in a 69 Camaro.


That boldness has evolved more recently into discovering what it looks like to have peace. Peace with an ever-wandering heart that never wants to be in one place too long for fear of the mundane. This peace has bloomed through pushing myself in physical, mental, and spiritual WELLNESS - through setting INTENTION every day which heals the wounds of idleness - through crafting a LIFESTYLE that I choose which can't be put into a box (an edgy cowgirl with purple hair and crazy dreams) - and through embracing my art of DESIGN in order to help others achieve an aesthetic for their own lives or businesses.

This looks like a lot of different and exciting things... let's stay outside that stupid-ass box and do this life thing together.  ~ Samara "Wild" Snitker



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Samara Snitker

Lexington, Kentucky​

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